Exquisite photography isn't expensive,
... it's priceless!
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Expiration: March 1, 2015
With over 10 years specializing in concert and event photography, I have learned that
capturing purely spontaneous moments is an art form.  What makes me different is I
approach portraiture in the same way.  I believe that spontaneity and capturing real
expressions and emotions is what makes a photograph unique and timeless.  Have you
ever had a Photographer tell you "say cheese"?  Next time you hear that, don't say
cheese, Run!  Anyone is capable of taking cookie-cutter photographs, in fact, there are
quite a few discount studios that do just that.  Makes you wonder just who is behind that
camera?   I have extensive training from the Southwest School of Arts in San Antonio
and I am also a registered Photographer with Picture STOCK of New York.

I have a natural ability to relate with all types of people and their taste in style.  Simply
put, I'm a "People Person".  I treat people in the way that I like to be treated myself.  I
have pride and enjoyment in my photography and believe it shows in my work.

My assistant and I work together to create beautiful portraits that you'll be proud to
display for many years to come.  We take pride in capturing the fun, love and emotion
expressed on your special day for a reasonable price.  

Now with my very own studio located in Southeast San Antonio,  we can create unique
and one of a kind images to meet any need or occasion.  Got some unique ideas for
your portraits?  I'd love to hear them and I'll do my best to capture your ideas and bring
them to life.

Contact me for a price quote at: 210.875.2757 or click the e-mail link  to send me an